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Your business deserves some legal love.

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You’re an exceptional entrepreneur. You know you are. But making sure you’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” to cover your biz tush? Well…

Let’s be honest…
you haven’t even gotten through the A, B, and C’s yet.

You know you’ve been put on this earth to help people, so that’s a huge part of your business. So as much as you WANT to trust everyone, you also know that doing so is simply NOT smart business.

You want to run your business,
serve your clients, and feel darn good about it.


But that’s kinda hard when you’re….

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Sometimes it feels like you have to fight for your right to biz party!

We totally get it.

And you’re a lover, not a fighter.
Guess what?
We’re lovers too.

Well, we’re lawyers who love each other and YOU! *wink*

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As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how hard it can be to navigate the scary details of small business law without a clear map of the tools you need, and how to use them.

So we decided to join forces and create something super special to make handling all of those icky, legal bits of your business seamless, easy, and anything-but-scary.

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Hellooooo wonderful!

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We’re here to take legalese and make it legal-easy.

We’re here to teach you all of the small business basics, explain every detail you need to understand and hold your hand every step of the way. Because it’s just frickin’ hard to make smart business decisions when you’re fuzzy about your legal needs.

We know you’ll do your best work, make your smartest decisions, and earn the greatest profit when you’re…

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Now, that’s some legal love!

Shake your sparkles, sashay your soul,
and say hello to…

The 6-week long course for small business owners who like their legal knowledge served with a side of personalized soul and sparkle.

Damsel goes bare™ was specifically designed to help YOU legally set-up and protect your business, branding, and website, so you can thrive, for life.

And, well, we’re not your average attorneys, so we wanted to create an experience for YOU that was anything but average. We combined the best of each of our separate courses to create a totally supreme offering for you.

We’re going to strip your business down to the legal basics, and then dress you up for major success!

Cue Madonna — “We’re gonna dress you up in Legal Love….”


Here’s what you get in DGB Lite versus Full

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Join DGB LITE and you get a Client Contract, Website Disclaimer,
Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Video Lessons.

Join DGB FULL and you get a Client Contract, Website Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Video Lessons, Terms of Use for Online Programs, Legal Line Q&A Calls, DGB Facebook Community, Trademark Video Lesson, Copyright Video Lesson, Entity Formation Video Lesson, and *BONUS* Hiring a Team Info Lesson.


Join Damsel goes bare™ Full, and you’ll get –

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On Video & Audio that will explain every single legal document and template, in detail, and in a way that doesn’t make your pretty head go in circles. You’ll also learn about business entities, trademarks, and copyrights! So get ready to be totally savvy on all of your legal needs!

(a $6000 value)

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Where you can ask any questions you have about that week’s lesson, and get answers directly from not one, but TWO, lawyers. We’ll both be live and available on each and every call throughout this entire program.

(a $6000 value)

Legal templates to protect your business that you can put into place right away including all of these templates:

(a $10,000 value)

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That you can customize yourself whether you’re a coach, or a website or graphic designer. This is how you’ll set your boundaries, describe what you’re doing, and at what price, so everyone knows exactly what they’re agreeing to! No more clients that bail on invoices or disappear without warning!

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Also known as your ticket to creating passive income and serving your community in a larger way! Before you sell a group or online product or program, you’ll want to protect yourself from losing money due to chargebacks, or unhappy clients. This is it!

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To make sure no one sues you once you’re live, online, and exposed to all sorts of possibilities and risks!

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That declares what you’ll do with the information you collect online. Maybe you’re using analytics, collecting emails with your opt-in, or providing a contact form? Sadly, that stuff ain’t (legally) free!

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Or, as we like to call it, your professional “FYI.” This 4-page, customizable protection statement is designed to let your visitors know exactly what you do and what you don’t do! This way expectations are clear and no one can make bogus claims about you! Kind of like the “I’m just saying” of online biz law…

Use this document to get permission from clients to use their name, image and / or comments to promote your business and products.

Our Private Facebook Group is your go-to spot for 24/7 support, questions, and community. Full of other sparkly business owners who are working their way through the course with you, you’ll be able to share struggles, celebrate wins, and make new friends too! AND, while we’re focusing on serving you primarily via our LEGAL LIVE Q&A Calls, we’ll also be popping in from time to time to make sure your questions are answered!


TRADEMARK your territory!

We’ll give you all the deets on how and when to trademark!


Ever wondered how to actually get a legit copyright? We’ll explain the process, and why it’s important, so you can decide if it’s really worth the cost and effort.


Learn everything about incorporating, or becoming an LLC, or when you need a DBA, and the pros and cons of each.


Having a staff of any kind means that you’re now legally responsible for more than yourself (eep!). Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to work with independent contractors to make this process less scary, and super seamless.

(a $3000 value)

PLUS, you’ll have TWO lawyers, at your
beck and call, for 6 whole weeks.

Can you say service?


The total value of Damsel goes bare™ is over $30,000.

Cost for FULL: $1997 or 5 payments of $457 or 10 payments of $247
DGB Lite: $997 or 3 payments of $347


Ariel Frey

Ariel Frey,
Ariel Frey Media LLC

“Damsel goes bare™ is an incredible course!”

“I’ve found that not understanding the legal side of your business can be a huge energy drain and with this course you won’t have to worry about not being protected so you can get back to having laser focus on your zone of genius work.

After going through this course I felt supported because I understood exactly what I needed to have in place to be protected legally and financially in all areas of my business. I’ve absolutely loved working with Gena & Lisa and they are my go-to ladies for all things legal, now and in the future.”


damsel goes bare sales page-26

Nita Ewald,
Holistic Health and Fertility Coach

“Lisa and Gena, thank you so much for providing this Damsels go bare™ course as it provides clarity in the do’s and dont’s of legal documents as well as the liability protection, and gives me more confidence legally.”

“I feel like I had been practicing in the dark prior to finding your course, and now I feel that my business and I are well protected by having all of the right legal documents in place. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever done for my business! It’s the only course where you can learn legal stuff taught from the heart as you bring spirituality to the course – I love it!”


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Hannah Poles,
The Baby Maven LLC

“I found Damsel goes bare™ to be amazingly helpful and it launched me forward with professionalism, confidence and legal-sense in my biz!”

“I loved the concise PowerPoints & descriptions that made all of the legal information into bite-sized, palatable portions that were easy to understand. Pairing that with the templates made these unfamiliar legal forms shockingly simple to customize and use.”

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Here’s how to join Damsel goes bare™!

Simply click that pretty button above to get in on Damsel goes bare™.

You’ll be taken to a payment page to make your first payment.

You will cover your business booty in the most magical way, and walk away confident, savvy, and prepped to run your biz, and make über smart decisions for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

For Damsel goes bare™ LITE:

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a welcome email instructions on how to access your content right away.

For Damsel goes bare™ Full:

Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a welcome email with detailed instructions, and our complete course schedule, so you know just what to expect and can mark your calendar for the LEGAL LINE Q&A Calls!

You’ll also get a unique login to access your lessons and documents!

As this is a live course, we’ll release the content week by week to follow along!

*Here’s the live course schedule*


*Here’s to soul and sparkle*

JoAnna Nangle

JoAnna Nangle,
The Desire Doula

“LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COURSE! Already the BEST $2K I have spent on my business!”

“I have had ‘figure out website disclaimer’ and ‘look into terms and conditions’ and ‘get a contract together for mentoring clients’ on my business to-do list for YEARS!!! I would always by-pass them because I was scared of how much it would cost to have a lawyer help me draft them up.

I did the first module and finished my website disclaimer in LESS than an HOUR (after 3 years of procrastinating) because of the clarity, templates, and guidance Lisa & Gena provided.”


Stephanie Tomlinson

Stephanie Tomlinson,
Career Coach

“Damsel goes bare™ has been SO HELPFUL!”

“I met with one of the best small business attorneys in town but he had no clue about the online space. Thank you for being a resource for online entrepreneurs & keep doing all of the great things you are doing!”


Rachel Gibbs

Rachel Wright,
Co-Founder of Wright Wellness Center

“The value of the education and templates in Damsel goes bare™ is FAR beyond the price.”

“Now that I’ve completed the course, I feel more confident in my business than I ever have, thanks to actually understanding the documents that are going up on the website (and not just putting them there unconsciously.) I would recommend this course to anyone who owns their own business and doesn’t have a personal lawyer at their disposal, to work for free.
It was the best money I think I’ve ever spent!”

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So how did we meet and start making magic?
Let us tell you the Damsel goes bare™ story!

It all started when some very happy clients introduced us to spread the love around! Obviously, we connected and totally hit it off. I mean, Lisa is all about balancing your business with your chakras (hello!) and Gena throws sparkly confetti at every opportunity. #guilty

Talk about a match made in business heaven! And once we found out about each other’s incredible communities and courses for small business owners (Gena’s Damsel in Defense, and Lisa’s get legally covered so you can go bare™), a brilliant idea sparked.

We decided to create an even bigger impact together and offer a more specialized experience.

TWO lawyers, for the price of one!

WHY? We believe in collaboration over competition, and biz preparation over “oopsies!”

We care about making a difference in the world, whether that’s in the form of spreading shine and sparkle with brilliant, creative businesses or providing support and sprinkling more love around the world with a service-based business.

We thrive on helping creative entrepreneurs and coaches get their businesses set up properly because we know that you can’t do your best work when you’re worried, confused, or overwhelmed. We can’t wait to see what you create once you’re dressed up in our legal love.

with soul and sparkles,
Gena & Lisa

Stephanie Sinagra

Stephanie Sinagra,
Health Coach and Fibromyalgia Specialist

“I feel completely secure and confident that I have the legal basics in place to protect my business. It’s like being wrapped up in a warm blanket all snug and secure!”

“Everyone should take the Damsel goes bare™ course so that they can learn about what is needed to help keep you legally protected and not bare!”


Alison Berglund

Alison Berglund,
Encore Age LLC

“Awesome course, best value on any money I have spent in last 3.5 years to become a health coach.”

“This education and clarity freed me up to move forward with my business (and protect my personal assets). Once I implemented what I learned, I started getting new clients, renewal clients and people paying for a workshop program. Thank you for giving me the freedom to move forward.”


damsel goes bare sales page-23


Will you be able to review
our customized documents?

Unfortunately, no. We’ll be available for any and all questions about how to customize your contracts and templates, and to translate the “legalese” and explain what each section means, so you really get it. We believe in empowering YOU, and this course is focused on educating you, and catering to your specific questions to make sure you really “get” the legal stuff. However, 1:1 legal advice and counsel is not part of this program.

How long is this course?

The Live course is 6 weeks starting October 8, 2018 and there will be one live Q&A call each week. The DIY program does not come with any access to us, the Q&A calls or the Facebook group, so you can take your time completing the modules.

I’m SO busy, especially this time of year.
What if I fall behind?

No worries at all! Because you cannot fall behind in this course. HA! Part of the beauty of Damsel goes bare™ is that you can’t possibly fall behind. Each week’s lesson is totally standalone, and you are not required to do them in any particular order! We’d love for you to follow along and join us on the LEGAL LIVE Q&A Calls to get the greatest value, but as you have lifetime access to each lesson and the call recordings, you can take this course at your own pace.

Are you able to answer all of
our questions all the time?

Yes and no. Our goal is to focus our undivided attention on you during our LEGAL LIVE Q&A Calls. While your Damsels go bare™ Facebook Group is available to you 24/7 we won’t always be online answering questions in there. We will make sure we post a weekly “ask us anything” thread for any pressing questions, and of course, for high priority or emergency questions, you can tag us, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

What if I can’t make
the LEGAL LIVE Q&A Calls?

Good news. They will be recorded! Woohoo! If you can’t make the calls live, you can always post your questions in advance, and we’ll make sure to answer them LIVE, so you can catch up whenever you have time to check out the recordings. Easy!

Which course is right for me?

Great question! The Full course is a LIVE weekly course that comes with 6 documents with accompanying video lessons, 6 Live Q&A calls with Gena & Lisa to guide you throughout the program PLUS 4 bonus video lessons! There is also a private Damsels go bare™ Facebook group to connect with other amazing entrepreneurs throughout your journey and ask Gena & Lisa questions in between calls.

The LITE course is just that – LITE. It’s a self-paced course that you can do in your own time. You receive 4 legal documents with 4 video lessons to guide you along. There is no Facebook group, no Q&A calls, no bonuses and no access to Lisa or Gena. We wanted to make an affordable option to provide you with the most important documents to protect your business that you can do quickly and easily whenever you want. Both tiers are amazing and will help to cover your beautiful business booty with sparkle & soul!

When will you offer DGB Full again?

We’re not sure when we’ll be offering DGB Full again,
so, to be on the safe side, sign up now if you want to cover your legal buns.


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Melissa Cassera,
PR & Publicity Expert

“Having Genavieve in your corner is like being an A-list celeb with a bodyguard watching your every move.”

“Finding Genavieve was like a breath of fresh air. As a small business owner, it’s a mission to find a lawyer who is 1) affordable and 2) doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you. Having Genavieve in your corner is like being an A-list celeb with a bodyguard watching your every move.”


damsel goes bare sales page-23

Kari Samuels,
Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach

“Lisa lovingly and successfully guided me through the trademark process and covered all the bases in ways I wouldn’t have thought of.”

“Lisa Fraley is AMAZING! Never could I possibly imagine there was any one person with such a divine combination of whip-smart common sense, uncanny intuition, nuanced coaching prowess, and a sharp legal sense! WOW! I feel so blessed to have found Lisa. She lovingly and successfully guided me through the trademark process and now I feel great! It’s amazing to have my trademark protected knowing there are no loopholes or gaps in the process. Lisa covered all the bases in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m so glad I hired a professional instead of doing this myself. Thank you Lisa! You are an earth angel!”

damsel goes bare sales page-23